Rivers Music

‘Rivers Music’ is thought music rendered as stream-of-conscious expression. It is not totally free, but not totally tethered either. Detrick sets up his scaffolding and then allows broad latitude to the rest of the quintet to fill in the spaces, which they do, collectively and alone, with intelligence and warmth.” (full article)

-C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz, 2.8.2011

“Rivers Music,” the second album by the genre-crossing Douglas Detrick’s AnyWhen Ensemble, follows its own course through the channels of jazz, free improvisation and contemporary chamber music, bringing them together into something engaging and unique. The New York-based composer and trumpeter Douglas Detrick finds inspiration in the movement of rivers for this extended meditation for trumpet, saxophone, bassoon, cello and drumset. Rivers Music has a broad and deep sensibility: quiet, delicate passages and forceful masses of sound all meant to amplify the mysterious whispers of the world around us.